Dr. Sandi Smith


Dr. Sandi Smith has over 20 years of professional experience in Education Abroad Administration, and 34 years in total working in international education.

Together with her earned Master's Degree and Doctorate, both degrees in Higher Education Administration, and specializing in Internationalization, she is a passionate contributor to the professional development of others in Education Abroad history, standards, design, management, implementation, and assessment.

Accepting positions with increasing levels of responsibility at various universities, Dr. Sandi worked at Emory University as a Study Abroad Coordinator; Lehigh University as Director of Study Abroad, and the University of Virginia as the Director of Study Abroad.

All the while serving on the NAFSA Trainer Corps, she consistently taught several professional development workshops a year, was co-author for one of the first NAFSA E-Learning courses, and served as the Lead Trainer for the NAFSA Academy.

Sandi then spent 10 years contributing to the executive leadership team of a start-up Education Abroad organization for the University of Nicosia (in Cyprus). As the U.S.-based Director of Institutional Relations, and Vice President of Academic Partnerships she was proud to educate fellow professionals about the relevance of a Study Abroad experience at the University of Nicosia, and was jokingly known as "that lady who talks about Cyprus all the time."

Sandi assisted in the creation of the first Education Abroad Scholarship Fund for HACU (Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities) member schools. As a necessary support for the effectiveness of this scholarship, she was the architect, trainer, and system implementer for AbroadOffice.net; a free online Education Abroad Office Application and CRM Portal.

Sandi had the distinct privilege to be invited as a Visiting Professor at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies in Monterey. She taught core courses and electives in the prominent Master's Program in International Education Management, for 5 semesters.

Continuing her commitment to the Education Abroad community, Sandi is enjoying the opportunity to serve on the leadership team of Toucan Education Programs as the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. And as co-founder of the Sojourn Learning Institute, Sandi holds a distinctively comprehensive experience in Education Abroad Administration, and shares her passion for teaching and training fellow professionals in the design and management of International and Intercultural education.

Rhondine B. Petrof


As a passionate champion of the learning laboratory that Belize is for international education programs, Rhondine is committed to improving standards and practices of designing and managing international learning opportunities. With an intense joy for sharing in the social and economic development of her beloved country of Belize, Rhondine established Toucan Education Programs in 2009 as a social enterprise, committed to sharing the benefits of international education (social, economic, and cultural) in local communities.

Fascinated with the ever-increasing opportunities to build bridges through education, Mrs. Petrof is a visionary in the use of international education programs and partnerships to enhance and sustain her beloved Belize. As co-founder of the Sojourn Learning Institute, she invests so much of her personal and professional expertise to improve student learning outcomes through the design, administration, and advocacy for the highest standards and innovation in international education.