Why is this course Relevant?

Research on education abroad demonstrates the importance of intentional design to help students develop intercultural awareness and competence, and those all too important skills and behaviors that allow us to be successful across cultural communications and interactions. The Georgetown Consortium research has shown that simply traveling to another country or even being immersed in another culture does not cause students to develop intercultural competence or become more capable of interacting with others.

Intentionality in designing and facilitating intercultural learning experiences is essential. This eight-week online course will go beyond foundational intercultural theories and provide a framework for designing an intercultural learning co-curriculum customized for your education abroad programs. Participants in this course will walk away with a tested structure and tools to implement an intercultural learning co-curriculum immediately in any Faculty-led Education Abroad program.

This course will provide an opportunity to design and implement intercultural learning outcomes, assignments, experiences, and assessment in every faculty-led program.
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Why Should I Take this Course?

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Course Benefits

Make a Difference in Learning!

At the completion of this course, you will not only have learned from an expert International Educator, you will practice the skills necessary for designing and implementing a co-curriculum for a specific Faculty-led program.

Whether you have led international student groups previously, or you are simply exploring the idea of developing a faculty-led program, or you are an administrator supporting faculty-led programs, this course will ground you with theory and practical tools for improving Faculty-led Education Abroad programs.

Complete assignments that bring basic concepts and dimensions of culture to life.

Learn to embed every faculty-led program with intentional intercultural learning activities and outcomes.

Understand a strategy for intercultural learning co-curriculum, practice developing meaningful learning goals and assignments for short-term programs, and complete a CAPSTONE assignment that can be implemented in your faculty-led programs.

What To Expect From This Course

  • 8 modules; 8-weeks; capstone assignment; virtual learning interactions with peers and the instructor.

  • Instructor presentations; reading assignments; learning activities; learning assessment in each weekly module.

  • A capstone assignment that will demonstrate your learning from this course, and give you the opportunity to develop an intercultural learning strategy for your faculty-led program.

  • Impact the positive development of your students' intercultural learning on your next faculty-led program.


Dr. Sandi Smith


Dr. Sandi Smith has over 20 years of professional experience in Education Abroad Administration, and 34 years in total working in international education.

Together with her earned Master's Degree and Doctorate, both degrees in Higher Education Administration, and specializing in Internationalization, she is a passionate contributor to the professional development of others in Education Abroad history, standards, design, management, implementation, and assessment.

Accepting positions with increasing levels of responsibility at various universities, Dr. Sandi worked at Emory University as a Study Abroad Coordinator; Lehigh University as Director of Study Abroad, and the University of Virginia as the Director of Study Abroad.

All the while serving on the NAFSA Trainer Corps, she consistently taught several professional development workshops a year, was co-author for one of the first NAFSA E-Learning courses, and served as the Lead Trainer for the NAFSA Academy.

Sandi then spent 10 years contributing to the executive leadership team of a start-up Education Abroad organization for the University of Nicosia (in Cyprus). As the U.S.-based Director of Institutional Relations, and Vice President of Academic Partnerships she was proud to educate fellow professionals about the relevance of a Study Abroad experience at the University of Nicosia, and was jokingly known as "that lady who talks about Cyprus all the time."

Sandi assisted in the creation of the first Education Abroad Scholarship Fund for HACU (Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities) member schools. As a necessary support for the effectiveness of this scholarship, she was the architect, trainer, and system implementer for AbroadOffice.net; a free online Education Abroad Office Application and CRM Portal.

Sandi had the distinct privilege to be invited as a Visiting Professor at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies in Monterey. She taught core courses and electives in the prominent Master's Program in International Education Management, for 5 semesters.

Continuing her commitment to the Education Abroad community, Sandi is enjoying the opportunity to serve on the leadership team of Toucan Education Programs as the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. And as co-founder of the Sojourn Learning Institute, Sandi holds a distinctively comprehensive experience in Education Abroad Administration, and shares her passion for teaching and training fellow professionals in the design and management of International and Intercultural education.


  • The course description indicates 8 modules over 8 weeks. Is there a set day and time for the course each week?

    Participants are able to complete each weekly module at their own convenience. However, you will be encouraged to participate in scheduled discussion forums for the opportunity to interact virtually with other course participants and the instructor.

  • What type of learning methods is utilized in the course modules?

    Each weekly module will have 2 or 3 lessons. Each lesson will have a ppt presentation, viewing of one or more short videos, a reading assignment, a practical assignment, and a quiz.

  • How much time should I expect to invest in this course each week?

    Expect to carve out a minimum of three (3) hours per week to complete lessons and assignments.

  • For how long will I have access to the course materials?

    We offer you access to the course modules for up to nine months beyond completion of the course.

  • If some of my colleagues are also interested in taking this course, are there any discounts for group enrollments?

    Yes, we are expecting that some schools may have multiple faculty and/or staff interested in the course and we will be happy to offer an institutional discount for enrollment of 5 or more participants from a single institution.

Course Fee and Dates

A Professional Development
Master Course

"Designing Intercultural Learning for Faculty-led Education Abroad Programs"
- Course Value: $1,250
- Fall Cohort Course Fee: $850
- Pay in full by August 27th and receive 40% discount, contact us for the discount code at sojournlearning@studyinbelize.com
- One-time payment OR payments over 3 months.

Early enrollment is encouraged.

~Fall 2021 Cohort: September 20 to November 5

~Spring 2022 Cohort: February 14 to April 15

~Summer 2022 Cohort: June 13 to August 5