Our Core Values

Passion | Standards | Practical

  • Passion

    We are enthusiastic, life-long learners and we will undoubtedly share our passion for learning with our colleagues.

  • Standards

    We intend to share, discuss, discover, explore, question, practice, and improve industry standards in an effort to motivate us all for continuous improvement.

  • Practical

    It is our goal to ground all of our courses in research and/or theory, yet it is very important that we turn each course into an opportunity to put your learning into practice.

The Sojourn Learning Institute

Improving International and Intercultural Education

The Sojourn Learning Institute is the e-learning division of Toucan Education Programs Inc. Toucan Education Programs design and manage international learning experiences for college students and educators.


“I wanted to give feedback on the totally brilliant course. It has changed both my work and course plans in such a positive way already. I have been able to employ the structure and exercises with great results almost immediately. Dr Sandi Smith was very knowledgeable and was able to customize the whole course to our individual needs. I have recommended the course to some of my colleagues.”

Sara Mattis

“I liked that it was a remote course and I have gotten the most of it. I was actively participating and engaging in reading and assignments… Great course and would recommend this to educational professionals.”

Caitlyn Spencer

“I really needed these topics for my program design. I got frank and honest support to customize my course. We broke down area’s to problem solve. Dr. Smith seemed to relate easily to current issues and trends.”

Jeff Wright

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